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Control Systems


We design intuitive control systems that provide energy efficient strategies and comfortable environmental conditions for the end users.

Working closely with the design team and the end user we produce control packages that work from conception to handover and provide many years of service.


Installation can range from replacing faulty sensors to full panel installs with containment, wiring and controls equipment. Our BMS intallations can provide conectivity and integration with other systems, such as Smoke/Fire Dampers and Air Conditioning interfaces.

We also install metering systems for the collection of data from Electricity, Gas, Water and Heat meters back to the BMS system.


All equipment is point-to-point checked along with a full commission of all control programs, graphic interfaces and end user PC front end.

We include the commissioning of pump and boiler BMS interface, inverter drives and communiction bus'.

Our careful attention to detail during the commissioning process ensures a fully operational system and correct install of equipment.

Control Panel Design and Build:

BCM offer a fully bespoke control panel design and build package that is tailored to the control strategy and design intent.

This includes the correct sizing of all panel equipment, testing and certification of compliance in accordance with current electrical regulations.

A full copy of CAD wiring diagrams are also provided with any new or refurbished panel build.

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